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Tawazon is a local civil society organization that aims at supporting individuals, communities and the environment all over Lebanon, based on needs assessments, far from any political engagement and regardless of religion, race or nationality.

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How It All Started

Over the years, seeing the disturbing state that our society has reached, we have embarked on several sociocultural, educational and environmental projects. With the recent economic meltdown and down-spiraling situation of the society, it became apparent that for better effectiveness, our efforts need to be organized and more regulated hence the idea of creating an NGO came to be.

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TAWAZON’s projects span a broad range of activities that focus on sociocultural, educational, economic, and environmental projects.

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We are blessed by the generosity of a wide range of donors both individuals as well as organizations including governmental, non-governmental. It is this support that allows us to meet our set objectives and address complex challenges faced by our society and environment.

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Stories in Brief

Tawazon World

With your help, we’ve been able to change thousands of lives, here is a brief of the best stories we made.