Our Strategy

Tawazon World
Our strategy over the next 5 years:


  • Determine the social and environmental problems that society suffers from, searching for their root causes, and choosing the most appropriate and effective means to solve and treat them and reduce their sequela and damages to the minimum possible.
  • Implement and support developmental programs. Educate and train young people to be effective individuals to serve and develop their society. This is achieved by teaching young people professions required in the local and international markets in addition to supporting medium and small-sized enterprises.
  • Establish the appropriate partnerships between the public and private sectors, civil society, relevant associations, municipalities, the relevant ministries, sponsors of the projects, and financing parties. The purpose of such partnerships is to improve the status of society by promoting and supporting projects to improve resilience as well as to beautify neighborhoods, especially those in need.
  • Work to increase awareness of social responsibility among all segments of society through different means, including educational platforms, workshops, orientation sessions, and media.
  • Encourage rationalization and conscious use of available resources, while emphasizing the use of renewable energy and alternative technologies as much as possible.
  • Organize and sponsor campaigns and projects under various titles and objectives related to community development and prosperity.
  • Organize and hold courses, seminars, symposia and meetings that serve the general objectives of Tawazon Initiative for Development.