Funding & Partnership

Funding & Partnership


Tawazon World

We are blessed by the generosity of a wide range of donors both individuals as well as organizations including governmental, non-governmental. It is this support that allows us to meet our set objectives and address complex challenges faced by our society and environment.


Tawazon World

Through collaborative work and a network of strategic partnerships, TAWAZON is set on achieving the desired outcomes set for the various programs undertaken.

Government Government

Government organizations/sectors are one of the strategic partners for TAWAZON. Ministries provide technical assistance in their specific areas of expertise. We collaborate with several municipalities in various zones within Lebanon.

Corporate (Non-Government) Corporate (Non-Government)

These are integral partners that assist TAWAZON to implement its strategies and achieve its goals. Such partnerships extend beyond the financial aspect to include advising, creative ideas, volunteer efforts among others.

Social Society Social Society

Partnerships with leading philanthropic organizations are critical in supporting our efforts to enhancing organizational capacity and furthering development of TAWAZON’s strategic initiatives. Collaboration with Al Daleel Al Madani enables us to implement innovative programming that better serves communities in need.