Who is Tawazon

Tawazon World

TAWAZON Initiative for Development (TID) is a non-profit civil organization that aims at supporting individuals, communities and the environment all over Lebanon, based on needs assessments, far from any political engagement and regardless of religion, race or nationality.

How it All Started

Tawazon World

Over the years, seeing the disturbing state that our society has reached, we have embarked on several sociocultural, educational and environmental projects. With the recent economic meltdown and down-spiraling situation of the society, it became apparent that for better effectiveness, our efforts need to be organized and more regulated hence the idea of creating an NGO came to be. The experience gained and the previous projects completed became the nucleus around which TAWAZON was built.

How Tawazon Started

The ultimate goal of TAWAZON is to lend a helping hand to disadvantaged members of the society, instill the sense of responsibility and the culture of cost-share with all those we partner with and the beneficiaries. We believe this form of engagement will restore the civilized face of our nation through the various initiatives and activities that empower the individual, strengthen the society and safeguard the environment.

Vision Vision

We transform fragile communities into resilient ones.

Mission Mission

TAWAZON aims to bridge the gaps within and among communities through collective efforts and resources for a better future for all people.

Values Values

  • Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethics in our work and relationships. This is a prerequisite to our engagement with everybody including our members, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and supporters.
  • Respect: We act with professionalism and ensure dignity in our conduct internally and externally.
  • Accountability: We are accountable for our words, actions and results.
  • Reliability: We are credible and deliver with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Transparency: We ensure that our work is conducted with a high level of transparency to maintain the credibility and trust we established with our stakeholders.